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our services

We are a community practice, we are always available to give our expert advice on all things eye related. 


Full Sight Test

When you come for a full sight test, we will check the following: 
Full history and symptom check and discussion in order to understand what your issue may be. This will allow us to better understand how to fix these issues.

Contact Lens Fitting

Our Optometrists are trained and skilled in all forms of contact lens fitting.
For a contact lens fitting, the front surface of the eye is thoroughly examined.  Then a suitable trial contact lens is selected 

Colour Vision Screening

For anyone wishing to do an apprenticeship through Solas, we provide the colour vision tests needed to satisfy the criteria required with your application. The most commonly used is the Ishihara test.

Driving License Eyesight Reports

First-time Learner Permit applications must have a completed eyesight report (form D502) As well as having good central vision it’s important that drivers have effective peripheral vision and contrast sensitivity, important for night driving 

Dry Eye Assessment

At Smith O’Mahony, we offer a private 40-minute examination to fully investigate the cause and effects of each individual’s dry eye symptoms. The results of this examination allow us to formulate a tailor-made treatment plan for long-term dry eye management.

Childrens eye tests

Your child’s eyes are special. As they go through school, their eyesight lets them learn and discover – in fact, about 80% of what is taught in schools is presented visually. Being able to see clearly is therefore incredibly important in your child’s overall development

Full Sight Test - 45 mins

Our eye examinations usually last about half an hour but we will advise you if you require any extra tests and how long these may take.

We have a general examination routine we perform for every patient. However, each patient has individual and specific needs and requirements. Our optician will tailor the examination similarly, which guarantees you a thorough ocular assessment, executed smoothly, while keeping you as relaxed as possible.

As well as including all examination techniques to assess vision and determine if vision correction is required (e.g. spectacles, contact lenses), we also examine for any potential eye disease – Glaucoma, Cataract, Macular degeneration to name a few.

Our equipment includes a digital retinal camera which allows us to take photographs of the inside of your eyes so even small abnormalities can be detected, recorded and compared in future checks. Combining this with modern examination techniques we can ensure all is done to help prevent unnecessary deterioration to your sight and eye health. Other tests we will carry out include binocular assessment (how well the eyes work together), peripheral visual field analysis and intraocular pressure measurement.

The optician will always explain the results of the various assessments and you will be given every opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The recommendations given at the end of the eye examination by the optician will take into account factors such as your working environment, lifestyle and any leisure pursuits you have, so we can meet your visual needs in the best possible way.

How often should you have an eye examination?
An eye examinations is recommended every two years even if you are not experiencing any difficulties. 

Please contact us if you have any queries or questions about our eye examination and related issues, we would be most happy to advise you.

Contact Lens Fitting - 45 mins

With over 120 years of combined experience in contact lens fitting, we pride ourselves on being able to fit MOST people with contact lenses, should they want them for whatever occasion.
Many people do not realise how many different visual needs contact lenses can cater for and so, perhaps, do not even mention to their optician that they would like them.
For socialising, sports, everyday wear and even to replace the need for reading glasses, contact lenses are more versatile than many people think.
We will guide you through the options that are available to you, show you the right & wrong way to use your contact lenses and explain all the costs involved so that you know exactly how to get the best out of your contact lenses.

Children’s Eye Tests

A huge worry for parents is whether their child’s vision is developing normally. Long waiting lists to get tested publicly can mean visual problems that need swift attention, may not be seen in time. Between the ages of 2 and 8 years old is what we call the ‘Critical Period’ in the development of a child’s vision. The earlier we can correct any problems here, the better the outcome.
Parents can also be confused as to when their child might need to wear their glasses, why they have been told to patch their child, what level of vision to expect when treatment is finished etc.
At Smith O’Mahony Eyecare, we are very experienced in the nuances of testing children’s eyes of all ages. Not only that, but we feel the explanation to the parent is equally important so that they know what is happening and what to expect. We try to answer all questions that parent and child may have so that they realise that they are in good hands.

Dry Eye Assessment

With the increase in use of digital devices and the increase use of face masks, we have seen a huge increase in dry eye issues. These can present themselves in many different symptoms; from a gritty sensation to a burning/ scalding feeling and even, surprisingly, as a watery eye!

We use equipment that can look at the front of the eye in detail and can help us determine what is causing the discomfort/ irritation. We then have a series of drops, gels and wipes that can help ease and control the issue.

We will also advise on how best to improve the overall feel of the eyes so that the problem can be kept at bay.


Driving License Eyesight Report

We can provide the vision screening that is required in order to get the driving license. We provide both types of tests; the test for the Group 1 category (car, motorbike, trailer) and also the more detailed test for the Group 2 category (trucks, buses etc).
You will need a completed form D502 for your license application.
This form can be downloaded by clicking here. This form must be signed in the presence of the Optometrist at Smith O’Mahony

Colour Vision Screening

For anyone wishing to do an apprenticeship through Solas, we provide the colour vision tests needed satisfy the criteria that they ask for.

There are various tests, but the most commonly used is the Ishihara test.

In this test, the optician shows the patient a number of plates which are printed with different coloured dots of differing brightness, density and size, arranged so that the dots of similar colour form a figure (for example a number) among a background of dots in another colour.

If a person has defective colour vision they’ll be unable to identify some or all of the figures hidden in the dots depending upon what type of colour blindness they suffer from.