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Zeiss Lenses at Smith O'Mahony

We are proud to offer the Gold Standard when it comes to your lens choice; and that standard is Zeiss lenses. They have been at the forefront of technology and innovation since their inception in 1846.

Zeiss Innovation

We know that Zeiss strive constantly to be innovative and try to, not only answer the visual needs of our patients but to improve on what is already out there. Such innovations like Zeiss UVProtect Technology, Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses and the new range of Zeiss SmartLife Lenses have all made it possible for Smith O’Mahony Eyecare to be confident that we are providing the very best lens solution to meet all the visual needs of our patients.

Zeiss have always been at the forefront of optical technology and innovation. On July 20 1969, man landed on the moon for the first time. Camera lenses, specially developed by Zeiss for space, were there to capture the iconic images of this monumental achievement.

Zeiss continue to evolve and innovate in order to give the very best visual experience for all those who demand the best. The lenses below are just a sample of what we, at Smith O’Mahony Eyecare,  offer as trusted agents for Zeiss.


Zeiss Blue Protect

We all know that our use of digital devices has increased recently. Digital devices, like smartphones, VDU’s, I-pads etc emit blue light. Some wavelengths of this blue light can cause eyestrain, fatigue and sleep disturbances (if device is used too late in the evening). This is where the Blue Protect lens can help. It has a filter that can reflect the fatigue-causing blue light away from the eye.


Zeiss Precision Plus

This is a tailor made, bespoke, varifocal lens that we can adjust to suit many different visual needs. The Zeiss Precision Plus is such a lens.



Zeiss Office Lens

If you are frustrated with constantly taking on and off your reading glasses as they blur you in the distance or if your readers spend more time on your head than on your face, then the Office lens is the option for you. It always crisp, clear vision for reading and VDU use which does not blur your distance vision 

Zeiss Digital Lens

These lenses are designed for full time spectacle wearers who are finding some eyestrain when doing close work (ie reading, computer use etc)


Zeiss Duravioion Platinum

Look better and see clearer with our Zeiss Platinum range of coatings. This coating reduces the amount of reflections coming from the lens surface, thus 

giving a nicer cosmetic look to your glasses. It also helps for driving at night with cars coming at you and in reducing the reflections from a VDU screen.


Zeiss UV Protect Coat

‘Suncream for the Eyes’ is how we like to describe this coating. It gives full UV protection against the potentially harmful effects of sunlight. It is not a tinted lens, however. Zeiss have realised its importance in patients eye health and, hence, they have decided to put this coating as standard on all of their lenses. So, if you get any Zeiss lens, you know that this extra protection will be on the lens automatically.