Biofinity Monthly Lenses

Aquaform technology allows optimum oxygen levels to reach your eyes for comfortable wear

  • Smooth, breathable surface helps to keep your vision clear all day
  • Aspheric front surface for a sharper focus
  • Biofinity can be worn for up to six days and seven nights continuously, under the advice of an eye care professional



Biofinity lenses are compatible with easyvision Monthly Opteyes prescriptions, and available as a 3 Pack or a 6 Pack.

Biofinity contact lenses by Coopervision are super high-quality contact lenses that feel so comfortable you can wear them for up to six days and seven nights continuously (always check with your optician to see if this wearing pattern is suitable for you).

These premium lenses have patented Aquaform technology that allows an optimum level of oxygen to reach your eyes, keeping them moist and comfortable throughout the day. The smooth, naturally breathable and wettable lens surface resists deposits, keeping your vision clear.

Biofinity are great for long wear, especially if you’ve previously experienced dry eyes. This is because they combine high oxygen permeability with low water content, for a super comfortable feel. The aspheric front surface sharpens your focus and helps you enjoy clear vision all day.

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1 Month, 3 Months


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